Our Contacts

The breast milk sensor project is a collaboration between Santa Clara University students and external organizations. With our partners we are developing a robust and low cost sensor to meet the needs of breast milk banks around the globe. 


Mother's Milk bank of San jose

Mother's Milk Bank provides safe milk to Neonatal Intensive Care Units and mothers across the US. 

We are working with the director of Mother’s Milk Bank in San Jose, Pauline Sakamoto, to better understand milk processing methods in the US and abroad. 



PATH, GLobal Health NGO

"PATH is an international health organization driving transformative innovation to save lives." -path.org

Kiersten Israel-Ballard, Technical Officer of Maternal Health at PATH is an advisor on the project. She has provided us with insight regarding PATH's breast milk banking initatives around the globe. 


Miller Center for Social ENTREPRENEURSHIP

The Miller Center for social entrepreneurship accelerates global, innovation-based entrepreneurship in service to humanity. 

The Miller Center Roelandt's Grant has generously provided funding for the project. 


Xilinx Global Corporate and Community Engagement

Xlinix supports charitable giving and projects that provide positive change with measurable results within its communities.

Xlinix has generously provided funding for travel opportunities and field testing for the project.  

We would like to thank the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA) for their support of our project and providing us with breast milk for research. We are grateful for their confidence in our work.