we are a dedicated Team of Bioengineering and public health students at santa clara university. 



Nina Morrison

Nina is a Bioengineering major with a Mechanical Engineering minor at Santa Clara University graduating in Spring 2017. 

After Nina listened to a podcast about many mothers' struggles to breastfeed and attain safe breast milk, she knew she wanted to start a conversation about breastfeeding and milk banking. She wanted her passion for women's health and technology to reflect in her senior design capstone project. She is excited to be part of the passionate team to help raise awareness and improve the milk banking process. 

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Samantha o'connor

Samantha is a Bioengineering major with a Biochemistry minor at Santa Clara University graduating in Spring 2017.

Sam is inspired being on a team of all female students both in engineering and public health. Sam has a great fascination in microfluidics and is excited by the potential of lab on a chip technologies like the breast milk sensor. She believes the platform the team is developing has great potential to change breast milk diagnostics in the future. For her, this project brings to light the important socio economic, cultural, psychological and healthcare factors that surround women and their choice to breast feed and donate to milk banks.

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Callie WEber

Callie is a senior at SCU studying Biomolecular Engineering with a minor in Chemistry. She will graduate June 2017. 

Callie feels passionate that the largest issues in the biotech industry are the lack of affordable and globally accessible products. She is excited to work on a project that brings bioengineering applications to rural communities. She feels passionate about the need to promote women's reproductive rights and firmly believes that every mother should have access to safe and nutritious breast milk for their child. 

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Karen is a junior at SCU studying Public Health with minors in Sociology and Entrepreneurship graduating Spring 2018. 

Karen is passionate about empowering women through frugal innovations in public health. She is hopeful that this project will highlight the importance of the milk banking movement & encourage mothers to contribute their extra milk to local banks. 

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Maya is a junior Public Health Student graduating in Spring 2018. 

Maya is interested in this project because of the opportunity to support and to raise awareness for women's reproductive rights. The world needs more human milk banks providing breast milk to mothers who are unable to breastfeed. She's excited to see how this new breast milk sensor will increase the safe and positive impact of human milk banks.

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Our Advisors

The team would not be complete without help from our advisors at Santa Clara University 


Ahsley Kim, Ph.D

Dr. Kim is our advisor for the engineering team. She is an associate professor in the School of Engineering Undergraduate Bioengineering Department and has interest in frugal innovation and design.  

Michele Parker, PH.d 

Dr. Parker is our advisor from the Public Health Department at Santa Clara University. She is also a lead of the club Engineering World Health at SCU and has provided excellent insight into the public health considerations for the project. 

Elizabeth Sweeny 

Elizabeth is our advisor from the Frugal Innovation HUB and Santa Clara University. Elizabeth has assisted with team mangament between the engineering and public health team as well as been a source of assistance and support.